Hyundai Dealers Service Reviews

So your Hyundai Car has its first MOT Vehicle Test, with regular services all completed and the car looked after and low mileage, one would just imagine it would pass with flying colours right ? I mean you have it all polished you have checked all the obvious wiper blades , lights, etc, So of you trundle,

Testing station go through the routines lights indicators etc, etc, and on to the Brake testing the Hyundai car goes, problem rear back brake is not working right !  Why ?  the man with the beard at the testing station scratched his head many times, tests it again !! Calls his mate over the little guy with the specs, they both stand around and test yet again.  Both shaking there heads in a puzzled fashion and at this stage you just know somethings amiss !

The Hyundai i20 is not as good as it looks yea sure she is shiney and all looking good, but, she is ill, and the man says no good you have very faulty back brake. You must not drive it until it is fixed as it is Grave (SERIOUS) . So although worrying you know it has the famous Hyundai Warranty the slippery man told you so remember ? You will have 5 years of hassle and trouble free motoring and his word is gold , remember ? So as the Hyundai dealer where the Car was purchased is only across the road, the man at testing station says yes you can drive it to them as its dry and so will be fine for that .

So of you trundle worried about the back brakes , but not overly concerned as the dealer will get straight on and sort the problem.  Big Mistake as the Hyundai car dealers after care service bit was all bullshit, they do not care that back brake failed test, do not care that its under warranty, do not care they sold it, do not care they have done servicing, in short they are not bothered in the slightest, not even concerned enough that its failled a test !!  I guess maybe its a everyday thing to them ? who knows but, best they can muster is bring it over next week and maybe only maybe mind ! They could slip it in the schedule as they are busy at the moment.  watch the video on the story and you will get the jist. See the video story on Hyundai Bad brakes .

Several alarming points came out of all this ?

1. Hyundai have Poor dealer back up or concern for Customers safety.

2. How long have i put myself family and others lives at risk by driving this car ?

3. How many other Hyundais are,as you read this driving with a defective back brake situation ?

4. This is a low mileage Car so Cars which do more mileage would indeed be at risk on the wet roads for longer before its first legal brake drum tests.

5. Why is the fault not visible to the eye and picked up by Hyundai dealers service and only spotted on proper drum tests ?

6. Why when emailing Hyundai do you never get responses ?

So So Many alarm bells ring on this Hyundai Brake issue, it would be very funny except !!  It is NOT Funny is it ?  Imagine as per the video scenario a wet road and your trundling along at speed and you hit them brakes in a emergency situation !!  You have your wife kids in the back and a boot full of all them holiday bits and luggage. With the trailing defective back brake your stability is gone and you will snake and twist and lose control in a matter of seconds ! and crash and maybe kill the family and others !  So Hyundai do need to take note on this , and we urge you to be concerned if you own a Hyundai i20 or other models with drum back brakes as something is seriously wrong in my opinion , well mine and the LEGAL Testing Stations opinion as they was very concerned by it, enough so to issue a FAILURE and warn NOT TO DRIVE the Hyundai !! Until its Fixed.


The Hyundai car Dealer who initially said to busy and drive it back next week , is Hyundai in Manacor Mallorca Spain .  Also a Renault dealer so get the impression Hyundai takes second fiddle so to speak !!

   Hyundai Dealers Service Reviews Hyundai Dealers Service Reviews Spain


Hyundai Dealers Service Reviews

TIME ELAPSED With NO response From Any Boss Of Hyundai ... Level Of Concern Measured in Time.. WARNING BELLS SHOULD Tell YOU Something..