Hyundai i20 Owners review POOR Car Poor service avoid Hyundai Cars

Thinking of Buying a Hyundai ?


5 Years ago i was duped in to 

saving a few quid and fell for the

smooth talking Hyundai Speel Bullshit

You know the one ?


100,000mile  NO Quibble warranty.

5 Years GUARANTEE Trouble FREE.

Excellent Dealer Support.

Good Resale values .

Customer Satisfaction is Hyundai Mission.

blah blah bullshit bullshit jargon..

Hyundai i20 Owners review POOR Car Poor service avoid Hyundai Cars

Well lets be honest and let me tell you

MY OWN Experiences with this Shower !!

who are a FAILURE On every item !!

Since having the Car it always ran ok,

"NEVER" Felt secure on braking always

had a few nocking sounds from the rear ?

Hyundai i20 Owners review POOR Car Poor service avoid Hyundai Cars

But it had its full services as due by the dealer 

and as you do, assume they check all important

items !!!

after 4 years comes the 

ARRIVAL TIME Of The Cars 1st MOT Test ..

Mileage only some misely 25,000 miles.


So assume its just a formality as you would right ?

HOW WRONG WAS I ..  It Failed and the Tester issued a GRAVE !!


USED !!!!

Holy Crap you think, so its been stopping on 3 wheels

fully for god knows how many miles ??


Thats bad but well NOT To worry i have the Magic

5 year warranty

100,000 miles Guarantee and the WRITTEN Promises

of Dealer Back up havent i ?

I Mean surely HYUNDAI  Would NOT lie or decieve just

to sell Cars surely not ?


So the examiner says its ok to go to dealer straight away

as its only around the corner, but NOTHING Else..

To the Dealer i go. assuming they will fix it right

away or do something. Its in warranty etc..

So HYUNDAI  - NOT worried as to how bad the brakes

are ?  Not worried that i am stranded 20 miles from home ?

NOT interested in even spending 10 minutes to see if

brake is a broken part quick fix or major job.


NOT even prepared to let me take the hub off myself ?

Hyundai i20 Owners review POOR Car Poor service avoid Hyundai Cars

It was what i would consider after dealing with many

car dealers simply the worst CAR BACK UP Ever !!

PADS all fine

I get home and look at brake for myself .......

Piston NOT leaking

Defective auto adjust !!  NOT Been working since new.


So at this stage i think lets see how far Hyundai will

go down the shitter people to do business with scale

they go ?


I luckily have a second car and so resign the Hyundai

death trap to be off the road, and go with the Dealers

ONLY available slot some 3 weeks later ..

I advise the Boss of the dealership i MUST Record

the repair work as they do the brakes, as i WILL

be looking for compensation for time of the road.


and Hyundai placing my life and families life in Danger

for the past 3 years !!  as looking at the pad wear on

the faulty brake, compared to the working one.

Its been Braking on 3 wheels for many a year ..


Had a emergency stop been needed during this time

it "WOULD" with no doubt have resulted in a spin..

HENCE Why the MOT Station issued the FAILURE..

I did NOT Let them know i had looked and asessed

the problem, but played along as knowing nothing

about brakes, to ensure we see how they act ..

But knowing its certainly faulty & NOT just wear, will

show how honest they are ??

(Videos on this all on our Hyundai playlist )


And so the car gets to the dealer, my letter advising

the Boss how pissed off i am is duly supplied.


result is they do a complete new brake left and right

including HUBS change FREE,  why ?  when they say 

its just pad wear ?

I put it that they know there brakes are shit. but do not like to say that. so say its wear ..

I played along and here is a clip of the Man who

did not like me filming, under any circumstances !!

as he tells me its wear ..   yea right , you always get

new hubs pads pistons for worn pads right ?  


NOPE.  It was faulty and they know it..


Anyways the car was duly fixed 4 weeks after the failure

so 4 weeks off the road, and ONLY as i kicked up a 

storm did they do the work ..


So Hyundai Warranty shit in my eyes.

So Brakes completed and after 4 weeks car able to be

used again..


Now you would think after such a MAJOR 

shit on customers and fuck the promised dealer

support etc.


that from over 20 emails to the Hyundai Management

as a minimum 1 reply would be had ?

Or after many videos and even a personal video

to the CEO of Hyundai 

some reply would be made ?

This is the sad part  NOT a single word from 



Now close on  2 years since this Faulty

Car reported.  and NOT a murmor   ?


Now how can any Company act in such a shit way ?

How on earth can they feel that telling a customer with a 

Car under

Warranty with a faulty Brake be allowed to be driven, when

the Legal Vehicle testing station issue a NO DRIVE !!!

and NOT give a jot ?

What does that tell you about Hyundai ?

This is the scariest thing.  Hyundai do not really

give a toss !!


How many other i20 owners or cars are still out 

driving on faulty brakes ?


For this reason and after many dealings with

main brand car dealers.


Hyundai is simply the WORST ever used..

AND advise DO NOT BUY A HYUNDAI ever..

as what they tell you on Purchase and the reality

is miles apart...

The Complete story and videos stills data

and test reports all on the dedicated Hyundai

website we were forced to put up..

So as to hopefully save a few lives as i am

convinced this Car was NOT just a 1 off

but i bet many other owners are risking there

lives every day on these cars..

and do NOT know as this fault will ONLY Show

on rolling road tests, or when smashed up in

a road accident. at which point its to late.

As YOUR a mangled mess !!!



So Its car change time, time to get rid of this

Hyundai i20 pile of shite..

Now the tacky sticky chrome tapes worse.

the airbag warning lights flash on and off,

petrol smells still persist,

the lining inside is peeling back,

and the final straw.  Ford dealer said and i qoute

"Hyundai  lol, no we dont take them in there shit "

so they bullshit again on trade in values !!!!

NO dealer wants it !!!!!

If Your considering a Hyundai

FIRST - Check out

and watch our Playlist on the true life of a Hyundai

owner .. on Pete WDHCo Channel..& DO NOT Be Duped

as i was !!!


Hyundai i20 Owners review POOR Car Poor service avoid Hyundai Cars

TIME ELAPSED With NO response From Any Boss Of Hyundai ... Level Of Concern Measured in Time.. WARNING BELLS SHOULD Tell YOU Something..