Hyundai Cheap Cars By Design WHY they are Cheap By Nature

Hyundai Cars are Cheaper by design and by manufacture, that can be the only reason a Hyundai Car can have a defective brake unit .

What brings us to this conclusion well its simple and very obvious !

1. From the factory Parts are fitted and brought from the CHEAPEST Manufacturers of components.

2. Quality Checks upon receiving and fitting Components is obviously NOT done or a Brake unit Fault, would Not be fitted would it ?

3. Production Staff are merely trained to assemble, In a rush it through just bolt the parts together format.

4. Finished Hyundai cars are then simply shipped throughout the world, Dealers who receive them, NEVER Put the cars supplied on any Drum Test !!

Why should they ? well they assume that it was done at the factory of course.

5. Any Component fitted is then trusted to simply do its job !!  The extra costs on Hyundai to test every component they fit is a great saving , thus making price more attractive, but More Importantly "Profitable" !

6. This is 90% of the time very acceptable ,assuming all suppliers to Hyundai do not also run this push it through rush rush rush mentality, BUT !!  Component manufacturers probably rely on the fact that they can save money by having no final quality tests on each component ! But rely on a random check on say 1 in 20 or so .

Do you start to see how the problems arise by being cheap ? by cutting quality ? Everyone assuming others will do the checking ! 


So on this Hyundai i20 Which had done we estimate 2 years of driving with a defective back brake ! Lives were at risk ! Passengers and Others on the road !  Due to Hyundai Cheap Quality Checks and just about The WORST Dealer concern and Back up, of ANY Car Manufacturers in the World..

You would also expect that after some 9 months of asking why they feel its ok to let dodgy brakes on cars go on the roads ?  And why it is Ok to treat Customers like Shit ?  You would of at least expected a reply or response ?  But they obviously know they have no excuses !  BUT MORE Alarming is that they do not care a stuff that we know they do not give a stuff !!  And that is even more Worrying. 



Hyundai Cheap Cars By Design WHY they are Cheap By Nature

TIME ELAPSED With NO response From Any Boss Of Hyundai ... Level Of Concern Measured in Time.. WARNING BELLS SHOULD Tell YOU Something..