Hyundai i20 Cars Secret Killers Bad Brakes Bad Dealers

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Warning of Hyundai cars and disgraceful dealers on serious back brakes on Hyundai i20 Motor cars. This website contains the "TRUE" and facts of Hyundai cars dealers handling of the problem, and the video collection with documented following of the Hyundai i20 faulty brake issue.

Hyundai i20 Brake defects

We urge any others who have had similar Hyundai brake problems to contact us, and all i20 model owners prior to 2014 model to get them back brakes checked as we feel this Hyundai back drum brake could be a silent killer. Not visible !  Not noticeable in the dry !  BUT !!!  in the wet your Hyundai i20 could be ready to take your and your families lives in a nasty car accident. watch the video`s and these along with adding humor, will show the bad effects of defective unbalanced rear brakes.

Follow the whole story on how until its very first MOT - ITV vehicle test this car appears to look all in good shape. and only the Car test station discovered it has only 3 full brakes working, and it is dangerous and NOT to be driven anymore .THIS NEVER Spotted at dealers service ??



The most alarming thing about this whole Hyundai bad back brakes story, is the absolute lack of interest or concern from anyone within Hyundai Corporation !! Hyundai Dealers Service in Spain and Hyundai Europe just do "NOT" Care a jot ..  And that is probably more worrying than having the back brake defects .  Only from shouting and having to advise that Hyundai Head Office and Public will be advised on this serious bad faulty brake issue, and how it was met initially etc, was the brakes looked at and sorted..

Look around this website watch the videos and you will see, even after asking Hyundai Top dog big cheeses to give there opinions even still NOT a single word or note has been heard. and that my friends is possibly why i would class Hyundai as the worst Car dealers we have ever come across in over 30 years !!  Shame as the cars are nice looking but !! What a eye opener this has been and a warning to others who may consider the Hyundai Cars.




TIME ELAPSED With NO response From Any Boss Of Hyundai ... Level Of Concern Measured in Time.. WARNING BELLS SHOULD Tell YOU Something..